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Why Personality Testing?

Having the ability to learn about a person's personality reveals many new questions you will surely want to discuss in the interview before making a hiring or promotion decision. Interviews often start by having the applicant tell the interviewer something about themselves. Perhaps even more often, the applicant is better prepared for the interview than the person conducting the interview!

Having personality information available can help keep the interview focused on the important issues. For example, if a person is applying for a Sales position, the personality test may reveal they are of a type that is very methodical and detail oriented. If the most successful people in that position tend to be more relationship builders rather than making sure every detail is covered before moving the sale along, then you would want to ask the applicant more questions in this area.

Looking at a group of 4 people, could you tell which one is the Director Type "A" Personality? Which one is the Social Type "B" Personality? How about the Detailed Type "C" Personality? Can you spot the Supportive Type "D" Personality?

Looking at a person won't tell you, and the interview probably won't be a very accurate measure either unless you have a reliable, consistent way of evaluating each applicant before you conduct the interview.

If you could test everyone in your company, you would probably see various patterns of common personality characteristics emerge in the various positions. Some characteristics may represent the personalities of the BEST people in that job, others may be common among the WORST. Having an OBJECTIVE tool to evaluate this information allows you to establish a "Baseline Profile" of the "ideal" candidate for that job.

Hire Success provides most New Customers with FREE Personality Tests for every employee in your company. Using that information, we also provide FREE SOFTWARE to analyze the Reports of your best employees in each position. We save that information in a "Baseline" file that you may use for each person applying for the position covered by the Baseline file. Now, you not only see the applicant's Personality traits, but you can also see to what degree each applicant brings the RIGHT COMBINATION of Personality traits most commonly found in YOUR best employees.

Taking Personality Testing to the Next Level

Unlike some Personality Tests, we do not use "generic" job classification data to try and identify which applicants would be the best for your job. For example, the personality of a sales person selling cars may be very different than the personality of a sales person selling pharmaceuticals, and most likely, very different than YOUR best sales people.

You don't run a "generic" business, so why use "generic" information to hire new employees? Using the Hire Success Tailored Baseline Tools provides you with the most accurate, useful information for easily identifying which applicants have the "right" combination of Personality characteristics and traits.

Manageing Relationships

Some personality types just don't mix well with other types, especially when the job requires things to be done a certain way. Consider the example of the old television show: "The Odd Couple", where the sloppy Oscar Madison and the impeccable Felix Unger constantly clashed because one was extremely neat and the other extremely messy. Chances are, messy Oscar may have had his own filing system, and although a mess, he had the ability to get to the "bottom line" faster since he did not adhere to enforcing strict filing procedures.

Combined with the Personality Reports of people who may be working together, Hire Success can help give you answers you need before making your next hiring or promotion decision. You'll have a Tool to better manage your employees and help them, and your business, be more successful and productive. Isn't that what you're REALLY looking for?

The Bottom Line


The Hire Success Personality Test is FAST. Most people take the test in no more than 5-10 minutes.

Cost Effective

The Hire Success Personality Test is COST EFFECTIVE. Our per-test prices are normally a fraction of what you might pay for most similar tests on the market. The Hire Success Personality Test is even affordable for small businesses with only a few employees! Call us for specific price information.


The Hire Success Personality Test is ACCURATE. Create your free account to take a COMPLIMENTARY Personality Test Online and see for yourself how fast, easy and accurate it is.

Easy to Use

The Hire Success Personality Test is EASY. There are NO QUESTIONS on the test to make applicants and employees feel uncomfortable. The Personality Test consists of 100 adjectives designed with about an 8th grade vocabulary so virtually all applicants may easily take the test.

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